Loveday Smith in collaboration with Orange Tea Theatre

Meet Martha.

Martha works for Maurice Le Noir. Martha plays the trumpet whilst Maurice creates Art with granite bricks and concrete.

She doesn’t pretend to know anything about modern art. She doesn’t have to. She’s just the trumpet player.

Maurice Le Noir is a conceptual artist of world renown. He hasn’t done anything since his immensely popular work, CUBE. That was 10 years ago. Maurice is making a comeback with an edgy untitled work exploring a conflict in concretism.

With bricks.


Martha has a problem with the bricks. Martha used to be Maurice’s muse. That was before the bricks. Now the bricks are centre stage and Martha is behind a curtain. She harbours a secret fear that the bricks are more photogenic than she is. They certainly answer back less.
Martha hates the bricks and would like to see them at the bottom of a canal.

Martha is not allowed to discuss the work. She is expected to stick to playing the agreed musical score, and is banned from making any remarks of a personal nature about Maurice Le Noir or in any way criticising the artistic decisions that were taken during the creative process.

Martha is not happy.

Martha doesn’t know it yet but she is at a crossroads. Will she be defeated by the bucket of doom, or will she wield the sledgehammer of victory? Demotion or demolition? Only Martha can decide.

Speciale extra: Als Engels niet je moedertaal is en je daarom graag het script voor aanvang van de show zou willen lezen, stuur dan een privé-bericht naar de Facebookpagina van Maurice Le Noir Presents: Untitled – A Conflict In Concretism Stuur een kopie van je aankoopbewijs voor de show mee en je ontvangt het script ter voorbereiding!


photography: Bas Niemans 

granite bricks: Klinker Concurrent

Datum, tickets & info

Date: Saturday 3rd, Sunday 4th, Wednesday  7th en Thursday 8th September
Start: 19:30
Duration: 45 minutes
Tickets: €11,- via Fringe