Open Deur: Chora Genésio - Bom Soar

Open deur bij TOON is gratis toegankelijk. De winkel is geopend voor publiek en er zijn een aantal stoeltjes voor diegene die neer willen strijken!

Chora Genésio is a group of Choro, a very popular musical genre in Brazil where it appeared in the late 1800s. Known by putting together colorful rich melodies  and instigating  rhythms, this instrumental style was born from a blend between European dances and African music. It combines a bit of both with a touch of playful improvisation.

Aiming the Choro, for its importance for Brazilian culture, the group writes arrangements that go along with the tradition opening, at the same time, room for new ideas and modern harmonies.

The quartet formed by Alice Carvalho (clarinet), Bill Davison (flute), Marcio Luiz 7 Cordas (7-string guitar) and Pablo Araújo (cavaco) will be performing songs of their first two albums, the “Bom Soar” recorded in Paris in 2016 and the “Moderno Antiquário” recorded in Brazil in 2015.

In this concert the audience is invited to get to know more about the genesis of brazilian music and, of course, about  Choro, by listening to compositions of the beginning of the XX century side by side with contemporary  pieces of the style.


Datum, tickets & info

Datum: zondag 2 april
Aanvang: 15:00 uur
Prijs: gratis, donaties welkom!