TDF: Romeo&Juliet

The Dutch Factory combines improvisation and location theatre with the original lines of classical plays, providing to our broad audience an interactive experience and a deeper understanding of the classical plays. Their performances happen in the moment, making full use of the room, the audience and the objects they bring. For you to discover how today’s story will play out…

Since no two days are ever the same, why should we tell our stories time and again in an identical way? The Dutch Factory thinks we shouldn’t, and so… they won’t. The Dutch Factory offers a unique version of Romeo & Juliet in the intimate environment of TOON. The story of two lovers destined to be together, were it not for the hatred between their families. Only Shakespeare’s original lines are fixed – as for the rest, it’s come what may come.

Datum, tickets & info

Datum: vrijdag 3 maart
Aanvang: 20:00 uur
Prijs: €15,-