Workshop “The body in action”

Exploration on the use of the body in relation with the theatrical and musical disciplines.
By Ilaria Forciniti and Giovanni Gargini

How is the workshop structured?
With the use of Feldenkrais Method, we will get in touch with ourself  and the potential of our learning capabilities, but also with our inner space, the ability of standing, walking, sitting and being in a state of consciousness and awareness. The Physical Training section, where will help the “actors” to learn how to control the body and the voice.
Time for Improvisation: the creative process that leads to a montage of the material the actors will work on.
Ultimately we will produce rhythms, melodies involving the whole body in a very playful way. Body Percussion is a good tool for stage work, relationship improvement, playfulness and presence while performing.

Bio of the two teachers

Ilaria Forciniti
Actress, theatre director, vocal coach, singer.
She begins her career working in a traditional theatre company, then she discovers the principles of the contemporary theatre, where a rigorous work on the body and voice are the essence the research. In Amsterdam she founds the Scriccioli Theatre Lab, a group of people coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds. With them she performed in different venues like Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, TOON, Private events.

Giovanni Gargini
Musician, Drummer, Teacher of Feldenkrais Method® and Body Percussion.
He is specialised in Afro-American music (Jazz, Funk, Soul etc). He uses Body Percussion as a didactic and performing tool.
The focus of his research is the importance of the body and the rhythm in different artistic fields as music, theatre and dance.

Datum, tickets & info

Date: zaterdag 7 oktober
Time: 11:00h – 14:30h
Dress code: comfortable clothes, no jeans, nice socks!!!
full price €60,-
students €45,-

If you subscribe by the 3rd of October:
full price €55,-
students €40,-

Reservation and advanced payment is required and is done through e-mail or phone:
Ilaria Forciniti: – 06-38624742
Giovanni Gargini: – +39 3338283982